4th  Exhibition of Papu Photo Project

Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden, 
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The Netherlands
  Jean-Philippe Soule

Mirjam Letsch

  The project
Papu is a member of the Bhopa tribe, and lives with her family in the desert state of Rajasthan (India). Accompanied by her husband Chotu, who plays the Ravanhatta, a type of violin, they roam the streets of Pushkar, singing their traditional songs.

Papu's ravishing beauty has attracted many photographers, professionals as well as amateurs. All were struck by her appearance, a beauty she understandably exploits in order to earn some extra money.


The following pages will show the work of several photographers. Over the years, all of them portrayed Papu, attempting to capture her beauty. The fact that the photos were taken over a long period of time, in different styles, techniques and from various angles, resulted in a varied series of beautiful images. Enjoy!
Papu Photo Project is a joint initiative of Letsch & de Clercq Visuals, Duniya Foundation and an international group of photographers, in support of dowry victims in India (see right hand column).
  A large share of the sales of the photographs showing at our exhibitions, will be used - through Duniya Foundation - to support dowry victims in India: women who lost their beauty through violence inflicted upon them by their relatives. Women who, because of insufficient dowry, have been purposely set on fire and are mutilated for life, or killed.



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